Sunday, December 28, 2014

Penis Talk

  My feelings are so strong toward my penis. Sometimes I feel like it's taking over. Ever since I was a little boy, I've been obsessed with it. I remember playing with my penis before I was old enough to go to school. My babysitter was an older woman whom my Mom knew from church. She would take naps and I would play with myself. Not knowing why, all I knew was that it felt great. She never caught me in the act, but she saw my poor attempt to hide the  erection in my pants and would say "You've playing with your penis! Stop doing that!" LOL! Indeed I had. I loved the feeling then and adore it now.

  Instead of taking a nap in Kindergarten, I humped the mat. Once I reached second grade, I distinctly remember asking the teacher to go to the bathroom so I could hump the floor and walls. My penis was aching to be touched and fondled. This obsession continued until I hit puberty. That's when I learned I could ejaculate.

   Oh man, I'll never forget that first time. My Mom left to go to the store, I undressed, got hard and masturbated. Unbeknownst to me, the build up had gotten so good until this white stuff shot out of my dick. I was shocked and in awe at the same time. There was no turning back. I was able to fucking cum!!!!! I masturbated every chance I got.

  Now as a fully grown gay man, I'm what you called an "enlightened freak". In crowds, I'm often looking for other men "in the know". I wear shades so they don't see me staring at their bulge. Guys glance and stare at my bulge and I pick up on it quickly. My aura exudes sex and horniness. Freaky men are drawn to me like a magnet. It's like my sexual confidence is palpable. That, and the fact that my bulge is often times obscene to VERY obscene. I get an enormous thrill catching a guy checking out my package. Off come the shades and the eye contact begins. It can be subtle and nasty between like-minded men. I love it and seek it quite often. Aaah, the art of cruising.

  I never had to wonder where this came from. The quote... "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"..... is very true in my case. My Father is a proud, big dick, hyper sexual man. We didn't have a great relationship growing up. But my childhood memories were enough to clue me in on things. He and my Mother divorced  when I was young, so I visited him on weekends. He was always naked under his robe, very candid, and often referred to sex. I remember how he urinated with the door open, giving me a full view. Standing there in front of that toilet, hips thrusted forward as a long stream of pee came from his fat black dick. His penis was so big and fat compared to mine at that time. My Dad had no shame when it came to his penis, nudity, and sex. He's a total exhibitionist. I know for sure that's where I get my nasty exhibitionist side from.

   Although we weren't close most of my life, as I got older, we grew closer. Our common and the penis.  We talked about the power of penis. How we can barely concentrate when we're horny. It's weird, but talking to him and sharing stories sort of affirmed my nastiness. I felt like it undergirded me, giving me permission to be nasty as fuck. Not that I needed permission, but... it was as if I understood my genesis. I'm nasty as fuck and so is my Dad. And we love being nasty....AS FUCK! LOL!

  Enjoy your penis men. It's an amazing  gift. It's phenomenal with wonderful pleasures. You're not the only men out there that feel this way. Your Dads, Sons, Uncles, Clergy, and everyone else with a dick, share this common bond. All of us feel this way whether we admit it or not. Be safe, be nasty, and have a LOT of fucking fun. For Dick's sake. ;-)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Deacon Smith

A Deacon from my Church

  Growing up gay has it's issues. But add church to the mix and you've got a whole new set of issues. In the church I grew up in, there was a particular Deacon...."Deacon Smith" who I admired and looked up to as a role model. He was married, well educated, and handsome. For years, he would give me advice on certain situations and we grew to really like each other. Nothing sexual, but a true mentorship. I grew up, graduated from high school, went away to college, and eventually settled in a different area. Over the years, every now and then, Deac and I kept in touch.

   A few months ago, I went home and attended a service at my home church. A friend of mine came along for the experience. Service was great! The church was lively and everyone seemed to gain something from it. Afterward, they served food in the fellowship hall. My friend and I sat across from Deac and his wife at one of the long tables. At first, we were conversing amongst ourselves. As time progressed, other people were coming up to our table talking with different people which started a lot of side conversations. In fact, my friend Stacy and I were engaged in one between the two of us. Although Stacy and I were talking, I was able to overhear some of the other conversations that were going on around us.

   One conversation in particular shocked me. A man, whom I didn't know, came over to our table and struck up a conversation with Deacon Smith. Deac is now in his 60's but still very attractive. The man that came over to the table was in the same age bracket. He too was attractive with a slim build.  They exchanged casual greetings and Deacon Smith asked how his wife was doing. He responded that she was doing well, but couldn't attend today's service due to other obligations. Through their conversation, I learned that this other man lived in another city. All the while, Stacy is running her mouth about her job and how she's not happy with her current position. I'm halfway listening to her, but what I heard next out of the Deacon Smith's conversation shocked the shit outta me. The other gentleman leaned in a little closer to Deac and asked "Who is that young man over there in the navy suit?" Deacon Smith told him who the young guy was and they began to talk about him. The other gentleman said "Mmmmm, I think I need to give him my card....he looks like he got a big one."

    By this time, I had totally tuned Stacy ass out. The tea was being spilt and she was getting in the way. LOL!  I was immersed in their conversation while acting like I was listening to Stacy and keeping a straight face as not to react to the shit I was hearing in their convo. They went on to discreetly say things about his physique without being too loud or too vulgar. Saying things like, "he always got a big bugle in his pants so it's gotta be big". Or, "I don't know if he gets with the program, but if he does, I'd like to show him the ropes". My face is still facing Stacy, but I'm thinking.....Oh shit, Deacon Smith is DL!!!!! Deac and this man thought they were speaking in codes that protected them. For the most part, it did protect them. Here they are, speaking about fucking dudes right in front of Deac's wife (as she had a side conversation) and she was clueless!!!!

   All this time, I had no idea Deacon Smith got down. I never thought in a million years that he would.  But that day, I found out....he did. Considering the societal pressures of his time, it was very uncommon to be an openly gay man in the black community and be supported by family/community.

  For some reason, older/mature gay men fascinate me. Especially small town Southern gay men. Because in a small town, everybody knows everybody. So, to hear stories of how they would sneak around with each other or how they knew someone was "down" just fascinates me. I love it!  Before the days of A4A, Craigslist, and Jack'd, there was good old fashion eye contact and body language. I think we need to get back to more of that.

   Til this day, Deac doesn't know that I overheard his conversation. But we still have a good friendship.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

How I met Porn Model Cody West

How I met Black Porn Model Cody West

   A few years ago, I was on gaycation (gay vacation) in Miami South Beach. It was in the Spring of the year. The weather was great...not too hot and not too humid. I had been staying on SoBe for a few days. Fucking almost every night (as I normally do on my gaycation). This particular day, I logged onto Adam4Adam and found a nice willing ass that was close by. Dude had a condo on SoBe and wanted to get fucked. We made arrangements to meet at his condo in an hour. Surprisingly, it was within walking distance of my hotel. So I showered, put on these loose, thin, white, baggy, linen shorts....freeballin like a muthafucka, and headed out. 

  On the way, I got several looks from men who were mesmerized by the dick. One man was on the phone. As we passed each other, he cut off his conversation and just watched my dick swing from side to side. I smiled and gave him a wink. Dick sure does have a way of getting another man's attention. LOL! I arrived at my hookup's condo. Very Art Deco which is common to South Beach.  I commented on how nice the place was and we moved things into the bedroom. He started kissing my neck and then we tongued each other down. By this time, I'm hard as fuck. He made his way down to my dick and gave me a good suckin. I couldn't let him give me all that head and NOT return the favor. So I got down on my knees and started suckin his thick uncut Latin dick. It had to be about 7" around with an upward curve. Not very lengthy, but thick as fuck which served as nothing but motivation. I'm a top, but I love dick. Actually, dick turns me on more than ass. It's just something about a man's hard penis that drives me insane. 

    At any rate, I kissed him again and positioned him on his back with his legs in the air. Like a good top, I rimmed that clean ass with my lips and tongue. He was moaning.....enjoying every minute of it. Slowly, that ass was opening up and getting wetter. I ate it and fingered it so good, he was begging for the dick. I wrapped up and it was on. Let the fuck fest begin! We started out slow and sensual...fucking missionary for a while. The ass was open and he was taking the dick like a champ. We switched to doggie style. That's when shit got real. I started pounding that ass to no end.  Skin slapping and muffled sounds coming from his face buried deep in the pillow, filled the room. Chemistry was right and the bed was squeaking. I'm feeling great at this point, so I start talking shit. I told him..."squeeze that ass on my dick". Why did I say that? This dude squeezed my dick so hard, it felt like somebody's HAND was squeezing the life out of my dick. I thought my dick was going to pop like a balloon!!!! In an instant,  I went from fuck mode to fight mode. I literally wanted to punch the shit out of him!!!! I said...."Man what the fuck is wrong with you???? Don't squeeze my dick that hard!!!"  I reframed from any violence and we took a short break. My dick was sore, but I was determined to bust that nutt. We fucked again and both came. While getting dressed, we talked about how his ass sphincter muscles were so damn strong. Til this day, I've never encountered an ass that could squeeze like that and I never want to again. LOL! 

   We kissed and said goodbye. Mind you, I don't have on any underwear and I'm wearing these loose linen shorts. So I leave the apartment. As I approach the front door, this FINE ass black man is entering and my mouth dropped wide was CODY WEST! I could've fainted. He spoke with a general hello, looked down at my dick, smiled and said..."OH". I looked down, and sure enough, I had a huge ass wet spot. LOL! We both laughed. I left the building feeling like I was on cloud 19!!!!!! Fuck a cloud 9. Shiiiiit, I had just got some ass and ran into Cody West????? Oh HELL YES!!! Today was a good day. ***Ice Cube voice*** 

   Still on cloud 19, I get a few blocks away and realize, OH SHIT, I left my keys at dude's condo!!! So I call him. He said he was just getting out of the shower and that he had to be somewhere soon. So I told him I was on my way back. I said to myself, now why did you even bring your keys in the first place? Nevertheless, I get back to his condo and my keys were on the dresser. Since he was heading out, he asked if I wanted a ride back to my hotel and I accepted. In the car, I asked him if he knew that a pornstar lived in his building. He said... "Yes and he's also an escort. He's a top and will fuck you for $200."  Apparently, they messed around for him to know that much info. I thought to myself, I wonder if he squeezed Cody's dick like he squeezed mine. LOL! 

  As we were riding back to my hotel, I remember seeing images of Cody and that massive dick. I masturbated to his stuff for years. But to see him live was awesome. Even if it was a brief encounter. He is every bit as fine today as he was back in the day.  

   Hookup Dude dropped me off at my hotel, I thanked him, and that was it for my gaycation. My dick was sore for the next two days. I didn't want to fuck or masturbate. LOL! But at least I got to meet Cody West. 😁😁😁

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Bulges.....them muthafuckin bulges

    Hi, my name is Ulikemydick and I'm addicted to bulges. For as long as I can remember, I've been fascinated with bulges. As a child, (around 6 or 7 years old) my Mom took me to the mall one day. She was doing some shopping for herself and I was being the normal kid...playing in the clothing rack. Around and around I went until all of a sudden, I saw this huge black man in biker shorts. He had the build of Michael Strahan  I stopped dead in my tracks mesmerized by the bulge of his penis and balls. After all these years, I still remember the out line of his penis in those black Lycra shorts. I remember how his dick was thick, hung to the right, and how his balls sat up protruding out like they were begging for praise. My mouth was wide open and I stared for what seemed like 5 mins. He was talking to a gentleman just before exiting the mall. So I got a good long look without him noticing that I was staring. That night, I went home and played with my penis uncontrollably. I kept thinking about how big and fat his dick was. How it just sat in those tights so perfectly.

     That was the beginning of a life long relationship bulges. Back then, I was fascinated with bulges. Now, I'm obsessed!!!  Living in NYC feeds that obsession daily. It's funny because ...I'll look at a guys bulge before I look into his face. Before, I used to be ashamed of getting caught looking at a man's bulge. But now, shiiiit it's just who I am. A nasty ass man.  I'm so fuckin nasty. But that's probably why you read this blog. LOL!  Anyway, most men just smile as they know I noticed their package. It's so hot especially when you get a nod or an approving response.....such a connection.

   My own bulge garners a lot of attention. When I'm feeling horny and freaky (which is quite often), I make sure it's on display. It feeds the exhibitionist in me. A couple weeks ago, I was at a Laundromat bulging like a muthafucka.  Purposely displaying a full set of nuts and my own thick dick,  I noticed I had an admirer.  There weren't many people in the laundromat. Around 4 including me. Well, this one guy kept staring. His dick started getting hard but he was having a one sided conversation with the lady who operated the place. You could tell he wanted her to shut the fuck up so he could concentrate on my dick. But being the nasty fucka I am...I stood up, pulled my pants into my crotch even more, sat back down and started opening and closing my legs.  By this time, my dick starting getting hard so my bulge was obscene.The look on his face was pure ecstasy. I knew he was hooked and I was enjoying every moment of it. I scooted to the edge of my seat (to tighten my bulge even more), faced him and gave it a little rub. In turn, he pressed his dick into the laundromat folding table to conceal his erection. He had a nice wet spot form as he tried to hide his throbbing hardon. I just knew I would at least get his number so we could play some other time. But it didn't happen. Two of his friends came in to help load the clothes in the car. They too noticed my bulge and were intrigued. Nevertheless, they had to go, and I had just begun to dry my clothes. Damn, I sure wanted to see that dick of his. But it wasn't meant to be.

    Next time I'll tell you what happened at another laundromat. LOL! I'm so damn nasty.

Take care,


This guy reminds me of the man I saw in the mall. Only shades and black biker shorts

This is a pic of my bulge in the pants I was wearing at the laundromat.
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Sunday, January 19, 2014

When it's Cold outside, I've Got the Month of May..

   Finally another blog entry. Please forgive's been a rough couple months with traveling for work, the holiday season etc etc....I've been a busy man.

   Now... just because I'm busy, doesn't mean I don't find time to be freaky. *insert devilish grin* Enjoy this entry.

   One Tuesday night, NYC was unusually warm for this time of year and I was extremely horny. So I decided to get in a quick OUTSIDE workout. I looked in my car and the only thing I had with me were some long underwear. So I wore them as tights. Shit....they worked perfectly and I LOVE showing my bulge. I picked this nice hilly spot I see people running. I ran up and down this hill (on the Jersey side) that over looks Midtown Manhattan. What a view! Then I started getting horny. I mean horny as fuck! My dick starting getting hard.  I was begging.....WISHING for a man to come along so it could feed my exhibitionist side. Trust me, when I get like this....I'm nasty as fuck and don't give a shit. A couple of young boys (high school age) passed by. But I wasn't trying to get arrested and catch a pedophile charge. So I covered it up a bit. As I kept jogging, I saw a man afar off. As he approached, my dick got harder and harder. Before he could get too close, I whipped my muthafuckin dick out. It was hard as a rock!  With cars whisking by, my throbbing dick was just bouncing...side to side to side. Precum slinging and everything. I made sure I slowed up so he could get a good look. Boy did he get a good look. He passed me and said "FUCK!" We both stopped and turned around. I started stroking my dick. I told him "You could be doing this to my dick and more." He started jackin me for a little bit but got scared someone would see us. He was married and lived in the neighborhood. So it was extremely risky for him. With eyes as big as a bowling ball, he said "Man, I want to suck that dick so bad. And you're so brave....pulling it out like that.  Turns me on!!!"  The crisp night air was blowing gently across my dick and I noticed he was getting a nice erection in his jeans. I grabbed his bulge and said "Suck my muthafuckin dick then."  He was so nervous that it scared him shitless. He said "I can't!" And took off running. So there I was, dick out, hard as fuck, cars going by, and I was ready to bust my damn nutt. My balls were FULL of cum. It had been about 4 days since I nutted. Leaking like a facet, I was precuming like crazy! So I put my hard ass dick back in the tights and went to this stairwell nearby. I was so horny, I took my dick out again. It wouldn't go down and I was in a "Fuck it" type of mood. There's nothing like exercising with your dick out. It just gives you that extra motivation. least for it does. LOL! So I climbed the stairs like this.

Then.....this happened.

Until next time fellas

I keep it real......real nasty. If you see me in the street, just grab my bulge....I won't say no.