Friday, January 26, 2018

It can happen to you too

    This blog entry is very different from the rest. In light of all the sexual assault cases and allegations, I must tell my story. 

    In the Summer of 2016, I was almost raped at a bar in NYC. Me, 6’0”, 235 plus lbs of thickness. I honestly thought I would never be sexually assaulted. But it happened.

   I was at “The Eagle NYC” which is well known leather gay bar that I love. I met a guy who we’ll refer to as “Harlem”. He was a bit of a meat head and had a body builder Rodney St. Cloud. He was very attractive. Cute face...nice teeth.....etc etc. We actually met because we were both trying to flirt with another guy. The other guy was from Albany, NY and was visiting NYC. “Harlem” came up to me and the guy from Albany and basically tried to take the guy away. But Albany wasn’t feeling him. So “Harlem” suggested that all three of us go to someone’s apartment so he could fuck the both of us. I told him....”I don’t get fucked.” Without saying anything, “Harlem” walked away. The guy from Albany and I continued conversing but later went our separate ways.  

  Later that night, it was obvious that “Harlem” had had a little too much to drink He stumbled over to me and hung his arm around my neck. Then he kissed me. At this point, we started kissing, our dicks got hard, and he suggested we go somewhere a little more private. We went downstairs, out the back door to a small well lit, fenced in, alley behind the bar. I’m very familiar with this alley because I’ve been there several times before. It’s where most guys go to have a little more privacy. So I felt safe. There were a few other guys down there engaging in various sexual acts (kissing, rimming, and oral). We started kissing again and he pulled out his dick. It was small and I’m not even being petty. It was small. But I was attracted to him, so I started sucking his dick. A cute Latin guy was watching and wanted to join in. So he started kissing “Harlem” while I was performing oral. Then the Latin guy wanted to suck his dick. At this point, I’m watching and jacking off as they get it on. Suddenly,  the Latin guy pulls down his pants and bends over for Harlem to fuck him. 

   Turned on, I stood and watched. I thought to myself....”I am not sucking his dick after he went in this guy’s ass raw”. So I stood there and watched them fuck for a while. But then Harlem stopped fucking him and says...”I don’t want him, I want you”. 

Me: I told you I don’t get fucked. 

The Latin guy pulled up his pants and went back into the bar. What seemed like 8 or more guys in the alley all of sudden dissipated to 4 (including me and Harlem). 

At this point, Harlem is still hard and has some shit on his dick. 

Harlem: Come on, let me fuck you. 
Me: Hell naw! I’m not with that shit
(he grabs me and pulls me close) 
Harlem: You don’t get fucked, but I’m that nigga. 
Me: You ain’t THAT nigga and you damn sho ain’t gone be THAT nigga tonight. 
Harlem: think you can beat me? 
Me: What?

He pushes me and I push him back.

Harlem: Hold on, Imma put this drink down.


   He put the drink down and shoved me into a brink wall. My back and head hit it hard! At this point, my pants fell to my ankles. He was trying to flip me around so he could enter me. It happened so fast and I remember thinking “OMG, he’s going to rape me!!! OH HELL NAW!!!!” So I fought with all my might, got him off me, and got out of that corner. I was able to get far enough away to get some distance between us. My pants were still at my ankles and in the process of the scuffle, I injured my left thumb.  I didn’t feel it when it happened, but once I got away, it started hurting. 

Harlem: I outta fuck you up! 
Me: I’m out! 
Harlem: Nobody’s going to believe you. You was sucking my dick. And look at you....ya ya ya pants are down to your ankles. 

    I pulled my pants up. Didn’t say another word to him, went back into the bar, and left. As I was leaving the out the front of the bar, I looked back and could see him coming through the door of the alley, frantically searching for me. Then I exited the building. 

   Walking to the train, I had a myriad of emotions. I was in rage. I wanted to kill him. I wanted to call the police, I was ashamed that I would have to report a sexual assaulted. I thought about what would have happened if I wasn’t strong enough to fight him off. Just a ton of things running through my mind.  I stopped by a store and got a cup of ice and a 2 tablet pack of Ibuprofen because I could feel my thumb swelling. The whole train ride home, I was furious!!!! 

   I can only imagine if he had been successful in his attempt to rape me. That’s why I empathize so much with victims of sexual assault. You never know how you will feel unless you’ve been sexually assaulted. It takes a GREAT deal of courage to come forward. Because coming forward means you weren’t strong enough to stop it. It means you were weak. It means you were stupid to start kissing him and to perform oral sex on him. It means you will be judged. It means so many things. 

   Even with boundaries set, things can go awry. Especially if there’s alcohol or drugs involved. For about 3 months, I couldn’t watch aggressive porn, I didn’t enjoy seeing thick men. I was mad at myself for being attracted to him. It was so much. I started researching sexual assaults at gay bars and unfortunately, it happens a lot. 

  Things I learned from this experience.

1) If you’re by yourself, don’t drink too much. God knows if I would’ve been drunk, the likelihood of me being raped would’ve been high. 

2) If you see any signs of aggression, leave. Go to another part of the bar, go to another bar all together. Just get out of the situation as fast as you can. In hindsight, I should’ve known from our first conversation that he wanted to penetrate me. And when I told him that I didn’t get fucked, he left. He was fully sober at that point. Red flag! 🚩

3) If you find yourself in a situation, fight like hell!!!! But if that isn’t working, fake pass out or fake being ill. Then when your aggressor has his guard down, make a mad dash for an exit. 

4) Don’t let one situation define or whitewash things for your future. For a period of 3 months or so, I was disgusted by body builders. It just triggered memories from my assault. But not every man is a rapist. It took me some time, but I finally got over it. 

5) Rape happens in the gay community, so don’t think it can’t happen to you. I thought because of my size and muscle build, that I would NEVER get assaulted. Boy was I wrong. 

6) Be aware of your surroundings. Know where the exit(s) is/are. If you’re with a friend, tell them that you’re going off with a guy. Just take that extra step. It could literally save you. 

I hope this experience helps someone avoid or get out of a horrible situation. 

Love you guys! Be safe! 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Have you been told you have "Good Dick"?


 Damn, it's been over a year since I've updated my blog. I do apologize. But I'm not going to keep you waiting any longer. 

   I've been told I have good dick. I'm not bragging (well maybe a smidgen☺️) But seriously, I have been told this quite often. I'm not actually doing anything special when I'm having sex. I'm just pleasuring my bottom with this hard ass dick. It's what all Tops do right? Well apparently not. 

 Having "good dick" has its perks.  Some of the advantages are the following: Sex is usually the bomb because the bottom is REALLY into it (which heightens the sexual experience). Secondly, you'll probably get some referrals. LOL!  And lastly, you always get to come back for another roll in the hay 😉. Always. 

  For example, an old fuck buddy of mine had a Roomate. Me and my fuck buddy would get it on at his place. Sometimes his Roomate was home and he would hear us fucking. Well, one day I went over and my FB was like...

FB: Hey, my Roomate wants you to fuck him too. 
Me: Cool! I'm down for a threesome.
FB: See, that's the thing, we......we don't actually play "together". So, can you fuck him first and then come fuck me?
Me: Uh....ok. 

Every single time I went over there from that night on, I would fuck them both. I'd fuck the Roomate first, make him cum, and go slide right up in my FB. The funny part was the Roomate used to tell me how much he wanted to be with me and take me from my FB. LOL! That's what good dick do though.  

Have you ever fucked a dude so look in his face and LITERALLY see his life change?  It sorta looks like a combination of 😳😩😍🤤. You say to yourself..."Awww shit, I ain't never gonna get rid of him".  That first look (😳) is a look of shock. It's like he's thinking ...."is this nigga really fucking me this good? OMG!"  Then you may see a look of pure bliss (😩). He's all in and it gets so good, he starts falling in love (😍). But when you fuck that nutt outta him...(🤤)  it's a wrap. You might as well get ready to communicate with this guy for a long time. He's not going to let that dick go. So let me tell you about the first time I saw "the look". I'll never forget it and here's why. 

   I met this sexy Peruvian man online. He was brown skin, with a thick accent that really turned me on. Very handsome, about 5'8", mid to late 30's, with a slender build. We went out on a date and it was obvious that we both wanted to fuck each other's brain out because we couldn't keep our hands off each other. 

  Later that night, we went back to my place and as soon as the front door closed, we were undressing and kissing. I could feel his erection through his tight jeans. In turn, I was brick as fuck! He dropped to his knees, pulled my dick out of my underwear, and started sucking. He was a passionate little Peruvian sucker too. I picked him up and lead him to my bedroom. My dick... bobbing and throbbing with every step. 

I knew I was going to put it down and that's exactly what I did. I ate his ass and got that tight hole open. It was ripe for the picking. Just enough man scent to turn you on, but not too over powering. It was intoxicating and my dick got even harder. I was determined to fuck his ass with finesse and power. He was gone know my muthafuckin name and never forget it. 

  We started fuckin and the shit was dope. He opened up nicely. I was stroking that ass and talkin nasty shit the whole time. It was good....damn good! We switched positions several times, but ended with him riding me. As he was riding me, I saw "the look". This was my first time every seeing a guy look at me this way. But instinctively, I knew he would never be the same. A few minutes later, about three or four ropes of pearly white, thick, cum, shot over my head and hit my headboard. I turned my head so I could dodge the nutt.  

But what happened next, scared the SHIT outta me. This man collapsed on my chest and started CRYING! Like....BOO HOO crying! I just held him. I didn't know what to say or do. In the stillness of that moment, I felt some of the cum from his HUGE load slowly sliding down the side of my chest and stomach. By this time, my dick had softened 'cause I had never seen no shit like this before. Eventually, he got up and rolled off of me. He apologized for crying and we started talking. He told me that the sex was so good, he couldn't control himself and felt some type of spiritual release. 

  We talked some more and cuddled. I tried to wrap my head around it thinking...maybe it was a tantric experience. I know I have tons of sexual energy 'cause I'm super freaky. But THIS??? This was new. Brand new. 

   He went on to say that he didn't care if I got married, was in a relationship, or fucked other people. He HAD to have the dick. We actually ended up fucking for six years. The only reason we stopped was because he moved to another state. But when he came back in town to visit family and friends, we fucked. He never cried again. But he always came and each time he did, I fucked it out of him. 

   So fellas, if you've been told you got good dick, be careful. No seriously, be careful. Dick is powerful. FOR REAL! 

I might even do a series on having "good dick". I have more stories to tell. 

What are your experiences with "good dick"? Has a man ever fucked you so good, you gave him "the look"? Tops, have you ever had "the look" given to you? Hit me up and let me know. I'd love to hear about it. 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Washing Clothes at the Laundry Mat

The Laundry Mat

   One of the best places to have a little fun while doing a chore we all don't want to do. When I go to the laundry mat, I make sure I wear something that shows me off. It usually accentuates my bulge. LOLi  Gotta give the guys a good show. 😉
  One particular time, I wasn't looking for something to happen, but when you're a freak.... Here's the story. 

  A friend  (with benefits 😈) "Al"... invited me to a lil threesome situation. I accepted the invitation, but I REALLY needed to wash clothes. Trying to kill two birds with one stone, I brought my clothes with me to wash later at a laundry mat near Al's house. 

  I get to the house and the other guy is already there. He was an older Black gentleman in his 60's (which automatically turned me on). Nice body and one of the biggest dicks I have ever seen in person. I mean HUGE!  He introduced himself as "Clark". We shook hands, but I was still looking at his dick. 

We got things popping with a little oral and then we fucked the shit outta my friend Al. It was great. I covered up... Clark went in raw. He had Al's pussy open WIDE! We fuckin and suckin and it was a really hot situation. I got my nutt so I could bounce and move on with the rest of my day. When I left, Clark was still stabbing the shit out of Al. 

   Just up the road was a little laundry mat that I ran into. So I pulled in to check it out. The facility was clean, had a nice lay out, and there were about 5 or 6 guys there. 😍😍😍 I love going to laundry mats where there are a good number of men. Two of them were these fine ass black dudes. So I ran back to my car and got my clothes. When I returned, one  Black guy was finishing up and the other Black dude went out and waited in his car. So I thought to myself....So much for that. I really wasn't looking to do anything because I had literally just finished fucking. But eye candy never hurt anyone. 

   At this point, my clothes are washing, I'm sitting down looking through my phone, and waiting for my clothes to finish. Then, he walks in. A well dressed, sexy, good looking, Latin brotha. Again, I wasn't looking to play, but shit...I do have eyes and I noticed him. We ended up making eye contact while I was seated and it was normal. But when I got up to check on my clothes, he saw my bulge and I saw him checking it out. I smiled and it was on. *Insert small talk*

Latin guy: Man I hate washing clothes
Me: Me too. But it has to be done 

Latin guy: I guess you're right 

Me: How many loads you washing?

Latin guy: Just 3. 

(Awkward silence) 

He kept glancing at my bulge and before you know it, I was getting hard. Now me being the nasty muthafucka that I am, I didn't hide it. I let him see my hard dick pushing up against my pants and he loved it. 
By this time, he couldn't take his eyes off it and he said...

Latin guy: Yeah....Mmmmm. 

Me: Oh, sorry. I just got a little excited. 

Now, his dick was hard and I could see the outline through his jeans. We looked around the laundry mat to see if anyone had caught on to what we were doing. Then...

Me: Uh...let's go out to my car...I have tinted windows. 😈

Latin guy: Ok. 😈

We walked out to my car with hard ass dicks, not giving a fuck who saw 'em, got in my back seat and kissed passionately. He was a great kisser. Smelled really good and had very soft, silky lips. We pulled down our pants to reveal our throbbing erections and I loved what I saw. He had about 7 inches of upward curved, uncut dick. His nice red head was peeking through his foreskin with precum pooling all around. When he saw my thick, black, 8.5" he was loving it too.  

  He started sucking my dick and it was hot. All I could think about was how nasty I was to just finish fucking and now getting head in the back seat of my ride while doing laundry. I realized when you're a freak and you embrace it, freaky shit happens to you all the time. He was slobbing my nob real good. Then I returned the favor. I made love to that pretty curved, uncut Latino dick. He was in ecstasy. So I lifted my head and whispered in his ear...

Me: Look at us...two nasty ass, hard dick men, suckin each other's dick in the backseat of a car, at the laundry mat. 
Latin guy: Oh my God, I'm going to cum. 

And cum he did. Five ropes of thick, pearly white, cum....shot out of his uncut dick, hitting him on the stomach, sliding down to his pubes as I continued to jack him and lick his neck. That shit was so hot, I shot my load right after he did. 

We cleaned up, got dressed, and laughed at our nasty little escapade. 

Aaaaaahhhh the laundry mat. It can be so much fun. Especially when you find the right one. 

When I got back inside, I got a text from Al saying "OMG, Clark finally came!  It took him forever and my ass is wrecked."   I told him about the laundry mat situation and he laughed and called me a nasty freak. LOL! It's good to have freaky friends who understand your inner whore. 

What's your laundry mat story? I know you guys have one. 

Monday, June 15, 2015

Let the Church Say A Man!

Let the Church Say A Man! 

   Yes, A Man. Not Amen. LOL! I was inspired to write this blog entry by one of my followers on Twitter. I tweeted something along the lines of meeting men in so many place. For instance, walking down the street, in the grocery store, commuting on the train or bus, and lastly, Church. He was a little taken aback by the last notation. However, it’s true, a LOT of things happen in and around church. A good reason is convenience. If you’re always in church (i.e. Sunday School, Sunday Morning Service, Sunday Night Service, Tuesday night Bible study, Thursday night choir rehearsal, and following the Pastor to wherever on the weekend) there’s not a lot of time to forge relationships with other people. So this entry will focus on an experience I had in my old church.

   I’ll never forget that day. It was a cold Tuesday night and I had gotten off work late. So I was running late to Bible Study. As not to disturb the Pastor from his teaching, I quickly pulled my winter gear off and grabbed the quickest seat I could find which was on the next to last pew. While taking my seat, my peripheral vision caught a glimpse of a guy seated behind me on the last row. I didn’t think much of it. Until it was offering time. BIIIIIIIIITCH!!!!!! When I turned around and saw that MAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG! This Brotha was PHOINE!!!!!!! Beautiful caramel skin, lips that looked as soft as pillows, with a blemish free, chiseled face. If that wasn't enough, he had the nerve to have BODY! He wore a fitted, white knit, long sleeve shirt that hugged ever ripple his 8 pack abs created. I thought it was a dream. Oh but wasn’t.  I cussed in my head……”SHIT!" But tried not to be so damn mesmerized. I found out later that “Ely” was new to the church/area and visited due to his Mother attending the church.  I knew I had NEVER seen anyone that fine in my church before. Suddenly that chill that was in the air turned into a hot, steamy, humid summer day in the Caribbean. I wanted to turn around a thousand times just to get another glimpse. Nevertheless, I resisted. 

For all intents and purposes, here’s a visual reference….. Henry Simmons and “Ely” could be twins. 

   At this point, Bible study was winding down and Pastor was making his last few announcements in regards to the rest of the week. We dismissed, I gathered my things, and made small talk with some of the other members. After which, I headed toward the vestibule to exit. Well as I made my exit, “Ely” opened the door for me and shook my hand. I tried to play it cool. But then, it happened. He gave me………….THE LOOK! I froze. I couldn’t move. I…..I….I was shocked, turned on, ashamed, and intrigued all at the same time. I’ll tell you why. First of all, I subscribe to the old adage….”You don’t eat and shit in the same place” That applies to any place where you don’t want your “business” to get out (i.e. Church, work, etc…). At any rate, I came back to earth and played it cool.  When I got to my car, the following thoughts were running through my head.…"OMG, did that just happen? Nooooo! He’s too fine! And me? He wants ME? Did he clock me? DAMN! This Brotha is good. Nah…..I interpreted it wrong."

   Weeks passed and I started seeing him more often at church. He really enjoyed the services and started bringing his girlfriend around. I can’t hate though…they made a beautiful couple. So much so, until the Pastor often times used them as an example in his charismatic sermons. They were the epitome of a beautiful relationship. I sighed to myself and said, “Well, I guess I did interpret that look wrong.” HA! but I hadn’t. 

    We had two Men’s fellowship events. One was a Super Bowl Party where we made eye contact often. It was hot as SHIT! Another was a prayer breakfast. He was seated at another table, But came and sat next to me once we fixed our food. He told me that he was 26, graduated top of his MBA program, and was looking for work in his field. My dick started getting hard. The way he was looking at me and talking to me….he knew he could have me. The confidence and swag he possessed was electrifying. We finished the breakfast and he suggested that we workout together sometime. I concurred and we agreed to compare schedules at a later date. 

   The next week, Ely and his girlfriend came to church. They were seated next to each other and the Pastor was up preaching. I mean preaching hard too. I was on the side of the stage, pretending to listen to the Pastor, but I was looking at Ely as he looked at the Pastor. Baby, he was looking so damn good in that tailored suit, I coulda nutted all over the organ. LMAO! Inconspicuously,  I was getting my stare on or so I thought. It "seemed" Ely was paying attention to Pastor’s sermon. When all of a sudden, he SNAPPED his head the right (real fast) and clocked the shit outta me. I turned away in devastation because I was caught. But what he did next wore my muthafuckin ass OUT! This dude, slowly turned his head back to the left, squinted his eyes and smirked. BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITHCH!!!!!! I could’ve fainted. I felt like my tea had spilled and was running down the middle isle for the whole church to see. 

   Eventually, I ended up leaving that church to go help a friend out at another church. Ely and I never got the chance to workout together or fuck. But damn I wanted to. He eventually went on to marry his beautiful girlfriend. 'Til this very day, he can still put a smile on my face just by thinking of the times we shared. LOL!

  Although it didn’t go down between me and Ely, Church people get their freak on. I also subscribe to the adage of….”If he got a dick, he bussin PLENTY nutts.” 

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Penis Talk

  My feelings are so strong toward my penis. Sometimes I feel like it's taking over. Ever since I was a little boy, I've been obsessed with it. I remember playing with my penis before I was old enough to go to school. My babysitter was an older woman whom my Mom knew from church. She would take naps and I would play with myself. Not knowing why, all I knew was that it felt great. She never caught me in the act, but she saw my poor attempt to hide the  erection in my pants and would say "You've playing with your penis! Stop doing that!" LOL! Indeed I had. I loved the feeling then and adore it now.

  Instead of taking a nap in Kindergarten, I humped the mat. Once I reached second grade, I distinctly remember asking the teacher to go to the bathroom so I could hump the floor and walls. My penis was aching to be touched and fondled. This obsession continued until I hit puberty. That's when I learned I could ejaculate.

   Oh man, I'll never forget that first time. My Mom left to go to the store, I undressed, got hard and masturbated. Unbeknownst to me, the build up had gotten so good until this white stuff shot out of my dick. I was shocked and in awe at the same time. There was no turning back. I was able to fucking cum!!!!! I masturbated every chance I got.

  Now as a fully grown gay man, I'm what you called an "enlightened freak". In crowds, I'm often looking for other men "in the know". I wear shades so they don't see me staring at their bulge. Guys glance and stare at my bulge and I pick up on it quickly. My aura exudes sex and horniness. Freaky men are drawn to me like a magnet. It's like my sexual confidence is palpable. That, and the fact that my bulge is often times obscene to VERY obscene. I get an enormous thrill catching a guy checking out my package. Off come the shades and the eye contact begins. It can be subtle and nasty between like-minded men. I love it and seek it quite often. Aaah, the art of cruising.

  I never had to wonder where this came from. The quote... "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"..... is very true in my case. My Father is a proud, big dick, hyper sexual man. We didn't have a great relationship growing up. But my childhood memories were enough to clue me in on things. He and my Mother divorced  when I was young, so I visited him on weekends. He was always naked under his robe, very candid, and often referred to sex. I remember how he urinated with the door open, giving me a full view. Standing there in front of that toilet, hips thrusted forward as a long stream of pee came from his fat black dick. His penis was so big and fat compared to mine at that time. My Dad had no shame when it came to his penis, nudity, and sex. He's a total exhibitionist. I know for sure that's where I get my nasty exhibitionist side from.

   Although we weren't close most of my life, as I got older, we grew closer. Our common and the penis.  We talked about the power of penis. How we can barely concentrate when we're horny. It's weird, but talking to him and sharing stories sort of affirmed my nastiness. I felt like it undergirded me, giving me permission to be nasty as fuck. Not that I needed permission, but... it was as if I understood my genesis. I'm nasty as fuck and so is my Dad. And we love being nasty....AS FUCK! LOL!

  Enjoy your penis men. It's an amazing  gift. It's phenomenal with wonderful pleasures. You're not the only men out there that feel this way. Your Dads, Sons, Uncles, Clergy, and everyone else with a dick, share this common bond. All of us feel this way whether we admit it or not. Be safe, be nasty, and have a LOT of fucking fun. For Dick's sake. ;-)

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Deacon Smith

A Deacon from my Church

  Growing up gay has it's issues. But add church to the mix and you've got a whole new set of issues. In the church I grew up in, there was a particular Deacon...."Deacon Smith" who I admired and looked up to as a role model. He was married, well educated, and handsome. For years, he would give me advice on certain situations and we grew to really like each other. Nothing sexual, but a true mentorship. I grew up, graduated from high school, went away to college, and eventually settled in a different area. Over the years, every now and then, Deac and I kept in touch.

   A few months ago, I went home and attended a service at my home church. A friend of mine came along for the experience. Service was great! The church was lively and everyone seemed to gain something from it. Afterward, they served food in the fellowship hall. My friend and I sat across from Deac and his wife at one of the long tables. At first, we were conversing amongst ourselves. As time progressed, other people were coming up to our table talking with different people which started a lot of side conversations. In fact, my friend Stacy and I were engaged in one between the two of us. Although Stacy and I were talking, I was able to overhear some of the other conversations that were going on around us.

   One conversation in particular shocked me. A man, whom I didn't know, came over to our table and struck up a conversation with Deacon Smith. Deac is now in his 60's but still very attractive. The man that came over to the table was in the same age bracket. He too was attractive with a slim build.  They exchanged casual greetings and Deacon Smith asked how his wife was doing. He responded that she was doing well, but couldn't attend today's service due to other obligations. Through their conversation, I learned that this other man lived in another city. All the while, Stacy is running her mouth about her job and how she's not happy with her current position. I'm halfway listening to her, but what I heard next out of the Deacon Smith's conversation shocked the shit outta me. The other gentleman leaned in a little closer to Deac and asked "Who is that young man over there in the navy suit?" Deacon Smith told him who the young guy was and they began to talk about him. The other gentleman said "Mmmmm, I think I need to give him my card....he looks like he got a big one."

    By this time, I had totally tuned Stacy ass out. The tea was being spilt and she was getting in the way. LOL!  I was immersed in their conversation while acting like I was listening to Stacy and keeping a straight face as not to react to the shit I was hearing in their convo. They went on to discreetly say things about his physique without being too loud or too vulgar. Saying things like, "he always got a big bugle in his pants so it's gotta be big". Or, "I don't know if he gets with the program, but if he does, I'd like to show him the ropes". My face is still facing Stacy, but I'm thinking.....Oh shit, Deacon Smith is DL!!!!! Deac and this man thought they were speaking in codes that protected them. For the most part, it did protect them. Here they are, speaking about fucking dudes right in front of Deac's wife (as she had a side conversation) and she was clueless!!!!

   All this time, I had no idea Deacon Smith got down. I never thought in a million years that he would.  But that day, I found out....he did. Considering the societal pressures of his time, it was very uncommon to be an openly gay man in the black community and be supported by family/community.

  For some reason, older/mature gay men fascinate me. Especially small town Southern gay men. Because in a small town, everybody knows everybody. So, to hear stories of how they would sneak around with each other or how they knew someone was "down" just fascinates me. I love it!  Before the days of A4A, Craigslist, and Jack'd, there was good old fashion eye contact and body language. I think we need to get back to more of that.

   Til this day, Deac doesn't know that I overheard his conversation. But we still have a good friendship.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

How I met Porn Model Cody West

How I met Black Porn Model Cody West

   A few years ago, I was on gaycation (gay vacation) in Miami South Beach. It was in the Spring of the year. The weather was great...not too hot and not too humid. I had been staying on SoBe for a few days. Fucking almost every night (as I normally do on my gaycation). This particular day, I logged onto Adam4Adam and found a nice willing ass that was close by. Dude had a condo on SoBe and wanted to get fucked. We made arrangements to meet at his condo in an hour. Surprisingly, it was within walking distance of my hotel. So I showered, put on these loose, thin, white, baggy, linen shorts....freeballin like a muthafucka, and headed out. 

  On the way, I got several looks from men who were mesmerized by the dick. One man was on the phone. As we passed each other, he cut off his conversation and just watched my dick swing from side to side. I smiled and gave him a wink. Dick sure does have a way of getting another man's attention. LOL! I arrived at my hookup's condo. Very Art Deco which is common to South Beach.  I commented on how nice the place was and we moved things into the bedroom. He started kissing my neck and then we tongued each other down. By this time, I'm hard as fuck. He made his way down to my dick and gave me a good suckin. I couldn't let him give me all that head and NOT return the favor. So I got down on my knees and started suckin his thick uncut Latin dick. It had to be about 7" around with an upward curve. Not very lengthy, but thick as fuck which served as nothing but motivation. I'm a top, but I love dick. Actually, dick turns me on more than ass. It's just something about a man's hard penis that drives me insane. 

    At any rate, I kissed him again and positioned him on his back with his legs in the air. Like a good top, I rimmed that clean ass with my lips and tongue. He was moaning.....enjoying every minute of it. Slowly, that ass was opening up and getting wetter. I ate it and fingered it so good, he was begging for the dick. I wrapped up and it was on. Let the fuck fest begin! We started out slow and sensual...fucking missionary for a while. The ass was open and he was taking the dick like a champ. We switched to doggie style. That's when shit got real. I started pounding that ass to no end.  Skin slapping and muffled sounds coming from his face buried deep in the pillow, filled the room. Chemistry was right and the bed was squeaking. I'm feeling great at this point, so I start talking shit. I told him..."squeeze that ass on my dick". Why did I say that? This dude squeezed my dick so hard, it felt like somebody's HAND was squeezing the life out of my dick. I thought my dick was going to pop like a balloon!!!! In an instant,  I went from fuck mode to fight mode. I literally wanted to punch the shit out of him!!!! I said...."Man what the fuck is wrong with you???? Don't squeeze my dick that hard!!!"  I reframed from any violence and we took a short break. My dick was sore, but I was determined to bust that nutt. We fucked again and both came. While getting dressed, we talked about how his ass sphincter muscles were so damn strong. Til this day, I've never encountered an ass that could squeeze like that and I never want to again. LOL! 

   We kissed and said goodbye. Mind you, I don't have on any underwear and I'm wearing these loose linen shorts. So I leave the apartment. As I approach the front door, this FINE ass black man is entering and my mouth dropped wide was CODY WEST! I could've fainted. He spoke with a general hello, looked down at my dick, smiled and said..."OH". I looked down, and sure enough, I had a huge ass wet spot. LOL! We both laughed. I left the building feeling like I was on cloud 19!!!!!! Fuck a cloud 9. Shiiiiit, I had just got some ass and ran into Cody West????? Oh HELL YES!!! Today was a good day. ***Ice Cube voice*** 

   Still on cloud 19, I get a few blocks away and realize, OH SHIT, I left my keys at dude's condo!!! So I call him. He said he was just getting out of the shower and that he had to be somewhere soon. So I told him I was on my way back. I said to myself, now why did you even bring your keys in the first place? Nevertheless, I get back to his condo and my keys were on the dresser. Since he was heading out, he asked if I wanted a ride back to my hotel and I accepted. In the car, I asked him if he knew that a pornstar lived in his building. He said... "Yes and he's also an escort. He's a top and will fuck you for $200."  Apparently, they messed around for him to know that much info. I thought to myself, I wonder if he squeezed Cody's dick like he squeezed mine. LOL! 

  As we were riding back to my hotel, I remember seeing images of Cody and that massive dick. I masturbated to his stuff for years. But to see him live was awesome. Even if it was a brief encounter. He is every bit as fine today as he was back in the day.  

   Hookup Dude dropped me off at my hotel, I thanked him, and that was it for my gaycation. My dick was sore for the next two days. I didn't want to fuck or masturbate. LOL! But at least I got to meet Cody West. 😁😁😁