Sunday, January 19, 2014

When it's Cold outside, I've Got the Month of May..

   Finally another blog entry. Please forgive's been a rough couple months with traveling for work, the holiday season etc etc....I've been a busy man.

   Now... just because I'm busy, doesn't mean I don't find time to be freaky. *insert devilish grin* Enjoy this entry.

   One Tuesday night, NYC was unusually warm for this time of year and I was extremely horny. So I decided to get in a quick OUTSIDE workout. I looked in my car and the only thing I had with me were some long underwear. So I wore them as tights. Shit....they worked perfectly and I LOVE showing my bulge. I picked this nice hilly spot I see people running. I ran up and down this hill (on the Jersey side) that over looks Midtown Manhattan. What a view! Then I started getting horny. I mean horny as fuck! My dick starting getting hard.  I was begging.....WISHING for a man to come along so it could feed my exhibitionist side. Trust me, when I get like this....I'm nasty as fuck and don't give a shit. A couple of young boys (high school age) passed by. But I wasn't trying to get arrested and catch a pedophile charge. So I covered it up a bit. As I kept jogging, I saw a man afar off. As he approached, my dick got harder and harder. Before he could get too close, I whipped my muthafuckin dick out. It was hard as a rock!  With cars whisking by, my throbbing dick was just bouncing...side to side to side. Precum slinging and everything. I made sure I slowed up so he could get a good look. Boy did he get a good look. He passed me and said "FUCK!" We both stopped and turned around. I started stroking my dick. I told him "You could be doing this to my dick and more." He started jackin me for a little bit but got scared someone would see us. He was married and lived in the neighborhood. So it was extremely risky for him. With eyes as big as a bowling ball, he said "Man, I want to suck that dick so bad. And you're so brave....pulling it out like that.  Turns me on!!!"  The crisp night air was blowing gently across my dick and I noticed he was getting a nice erection in his jeans. I grabbed his bulge and said "Suck my muthafuckin dick then."  He was so nervous that it scared him shitless. He said "I can't!" And took off running. So there I was, dick out, hard as fuck, cars going by, and I was ready to bust my damn nutt. My balls were FULL of cum. It had been about 4 days since I nutted. Leaking like a facet, I was precuming like crazy! So I put my hard ass dick back in the tights and went to this stairwell nearby. I was so horny, I took my dick out again. It wouldn't go down and I was in a "Fuck it" type of mood. There's nothing like exercising with your dick out. It just gives you that extra motivation. least for it does. LOL! So I climbed the stairs like this.

Then.....this happened.

Until next time fellas

I keep it real......real nasty. If you see me in the street, just grab my bulge....I won't say no.