Sunday, December 28, 2014

Penis Talk

  My feelings are so strong toward my penis. Sometimes I feel like it's taking over. Ever since I was a little boy, I've been obsessed with it. I remember playing with my penis before I was old enough to go to school. My babysitter was an older woman whom my Mom knew from church. She would take naps and I would play with myself. Not knowing why, all I knew was that it felt great. She never caught me in the act, but she saw my poor attempt to hide the  erection in my pants and would say "You've playing with your penis! Stop doing that!" LOL! Indeed I had. I loved the feeling then and adore it now.

  Instead of taking a nap in Kindergarten, I humped the mat. Once I reached second grade, I distinctly remember asking the teacher to go to the bathroom so I could hump the floor and walls. My penis was aching to be touched and fondled. This obsession continued until I hit puberty. That's when I learned I could ejaculate.

   Oh man, I'll never forget that first time. My Mom left to go to the store, I undressed, got hard and masturbated. Unbeknownst to me, the build up had gotten so good until this white stuff shot out of my dick. I was shocked and in awe at the same time. There was no turning back. I was able to fucking cum!!!!! I masturbated every chance I got.

  Now as a fully grown gay man, I'm what you called an "enlightened freak". In crowds, I'm often looking for other men "in the know". I wear shades so they don't see me staring at their bulge. Guys glance and stare at my bulge and I pick up on it quickly. My aura exudes sex and horniness. Freaky men are drawn to me like a magnet. It's like my sexual confidence is palpable. That, and the fact that my bulge is often times obscene to VERY obscene. I get an enormous thrill catching a guy checking out my package. Off come the shades and the eye contact begins. It can be subtle and nasty between like-minded men. I love it and seek it quite often. Aaah, the art of cruising.

  I never had to wonder where this came from. The quote... "the apple doesn't fall far from the tree"..... is very true in my case. My Father is a proud, big dick, hyper sexual man. We didn't have a great relationship growing up. But my childhood memories were enough to clue me in on things. He and my Mother divorced  when I was young, so I visited him on weekends. He was always naked under his robe, very candid, and often referred to sex. I remember how he urinated with the door open, giving me a full view. Standing there in front of that toilet, hips thrusted forward as a long stream of pee came from his fat black dick. His penis was so big and fat compared to mine at that time. My Dad had no shame when it came to his penis, nudity, and sex. He's a total exhibitionist. I know for sure that's where I get my nasty exhibitionist side from.

   Although we weren't close most of my life, as I got older, we grew closer. Our common and the penis.  We talked about the power of penis. How we can barely concentrate when we're horny. It's weird, but talking to him and sharing stories sort of affirmed my nastiness. I felt like it undergirded me, giving me permission to be nasty as fuck. Not that I needed permission, but... it was as if I understood my genesis. I'm nasty as fuck and so is my Dad. And we love being nasty....AS FUCK! LOL!

  Enjoy your penis men. It's an amazing  gift. It's phenomenal with wonderful pleasures. You're not the only men out there that feel this way. Your Dads, Sons, Uncles, Clergy, and everyone else with a dick, share this common bond. All of us feel this way whether we admit it or not. Be safe, be nasty, and have a LOT of fucking fun. For Dick's sake. ;-)