Sunday, January 19, 2014

When it's Cold outside, I've Got the Month of May..

   Finally another blog entry. Please forgive's been a rough couple months with traveling for work, the holiday season etc etc....I've been a busy man.

   Now... just because I'm busy, doesn't mean I don't find time to be freaky. *insert devilish grin* Enjoy this entry.

   One Tuesday night, NYC was unusually warm for this time of year and I was extremely horny. So I decided to get in a quick OUTSIDE workout. I looked in my car and the only thing I had with me were some long underwear. So I wore them as tights. Shit....they worked perfectly and I LOVE showing my bulge. I picked this nice hilly spot I see people running. I ran up and down this hill (on the Jersey side) that over looks Midtown Manhattan. What a view! Then I started getting horny. I mean horny as fuck! My dick starting getting hard.  I was begging.....WISHING for a man to come along so it could feed my exhibitionist side. Trust me, when I get like this....I'm nasty as fuck and don't give a shit. A couple of young boys (high school age) passed by. But I wasn't trying to get arrested and catch a pedophile charge. So I covered it up a bit. As I kept jogging, I saw a man afar off. As he approached, my dick got harder and harder. Before he could get too close, I whipped my muthafuckin dick out. It was hard as a rock!  With cars whisking by, my throbbing dick was just bouncing...side to side to side. Precum slinging and everything. I made sure I slowed up so he could get a good look. Boy did he get a good look. He passed me and said "FUCK!" We both stopped and turned around. I started stroking my dick. I told him "You could be doing this to my dick and more." He started jackin me for a little bit but got scared someone would see us. He was married and lived in the neighborhood. So it was extremely risky for him. With eyes as big as a bowling ball, he said "Man, I want to suck that dick so bad. And you're so brave....pulling it out like that.  Turns me on!!!"  The crisp night air was blowing gently across my dick and I noticed he was getting a nice erection in his jeans. I grabbed his bulge and said "Suck my muthafuckin dick then."  He was so nervous that it scared him shitless. He said "I can't!" And took off running. So there I was, dick out, hard as fuck, cars going by, and I was ready to bust my damn nutt. My balls were FULL of cum. It had been about 4 days since I nutted. Leaking like a facet, I was precuming like crazy! So I put my hard ass dick back in the tights and went to this stairwell nearby. I was so horny, I took my dick out again. It wouldn't go down and I was in a "Fuck it" type of mood. There's nothing like exercising with your dick out. It just gives you that extra motivation. least for it does. LOL! So I climbed the stairs like this.

Then.....this happened.

Until next time fellas

I keep it real......real nasty. If you see me in the street, just grab my bulge....I won't say no.



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    1. You sure know how to make a black man blush. :-) Thanks for reading and the compliment man.

  2. Just discovered your blog and love it! Keep the good writing coming man. The nude beach scene? Was the Haulover? Been there and plan to be back in May. And check out my blog:

    Have a great week!

    1. Wow! Thee Immanuel!!!!!! I'm super excited that you commented. Thanks for reading. Words can't express how much I enjoy your blog. I found it one day and spent several hours being captivated. You're an excellent writer and your blog is SOOOO insightful and intriguing. Thanks times a million for being you.

      Oh and the nude beach in this story happened in NJ. (Sandy Hook Beach in Gunnison, NJ). I love Haulover Beach and will be going there when I visit SoFL in the next few weeks. I'm sure I'll have something write about. LOL!