Saturday, March 5, 2016

Washing Clothes at the Laundry Mat

The Laundry Mat

   One of the best places to have a little fun while doing a chore we all don't want to do. When I go to the laundry mat, I make sure I wear something that shows me off. It usually accentuates my bulge. LOLi  Gotta give the guys a good show. πŸ˜‰
  One particular time, I wasn't looking for something to happen, but when you're a freak.... Here's the story. 

  A friend  (with benefits 😈) "Al"... invited me to a lil threesome situation. I accepted the invitation, but I REALLY needed to wash clothes. Trying to kill two birds with one stone, I brought my clothes with me to wash later at a laundry mat near Al's house. 

  I get to the house and the other guy is already there. He was an older Black gentleman in his 60's (which automatically turned me on). Nice body and one of the biggest dicks I have ever seen in person. I mean HUGE!  He introduced himself as "Clark". We shook hands, but I was still looking at his dick. 

We got things popping with a little oral and then we fucked the shit outta my friend Al. It was great. I covered up... Clark went in raw. He had Al's pussy open WIDE! We fuckin and suckin and it was a really hot situation. I got my nutt so I could bounce and move on with the rest of my day. When I left, Clark was still stabbing the shit out of Al. 

   Just up the road was a little laundry mat that I ran into. So I pulled in to check it out. The facility was clean, had a nice lay out, and there were about 5 or 6 guys there. 😍😍😍 I love going to laundry mats where there are a good number of men. Two of them were these fine ass black dudes. So I ran back to my car and got my clothes. When I returned, one  Black guy was finishing up and the other Black dude went out and waited in his car. So I thought to myself....So much for that. I really wasn't looking to do anything because I had literally just finished fucking. But eye candy never hurt anyone. 

   At this point, my clothes are washing, I'm sitting down looking through my phone, and waiting for my clothes to finish. Then, he walks in. A well dressed, sexy, good looking, Latin brotha. Again, I wasn't looking to play, but shit...I do have eyes and I noticed him. We ended up making eye contact while I was seated and it was normal. But when I got up to check on my clothes, he saw my bulge and I saw him checking it out. I smiled and it was on. *Insert small talk*

Latin guy: Man I hate washing clothes
Me: Me too. But it has to be done 

Latin guy: I guess you're right 

Me: How many loads you washing?

Latin guy: Just 3. 

(Awkward silence) 

He kept glancing at my bulge and before you know it, I was getting hard. Now me being the nasty muthafucka that I am, I didn't hide it. I let him see my hard dick pushing up against my pants and he loved it. 
By this time, he couldn't take his eyes off it and he said...

Latin guy: Yeah....Mmmmm. 

Me: Oh, sorry. I just got a little excited. 

Now, his dick was hard and I could see the outline through his jeans. We looked around the laundry mat to see if anyone had caught on to what we were doing. Then...

Me: Uh...let's go out to my car...I have tinted windows. 😈

Latin guy: Ok. 😈

We walked out to my car with hard ass dicks, not giving a fuck who saw 'em, got in my back seat and kissed passionately. He was a great kisser. Smelled really good and had very soft, silky lips. We pulled down our pants to reveal our throbbing erections and I loved what I saw. He had about 7 inches of upward curved, uncut dick. His nice red head was peeking through his foreskin with precum pooling all around. When he saw my thick, black, 8.5" he was loving it too.  

  He started sucking my dick and it was hot. All I could think about was how nasty I was to just finish fucking and now getting head in the back seat of my ride while doing laundry. I realized when you're a freak and you embrace it, freaky shit happens to you all the time. He was slobbing my nob real good. Then I returned the favor. I made love to that pretty curved, uncut Latino dick. He was in ecstasy. So I lifted my head and whispered in his ear...

Me: Look at us...two nasty ass, hard dick men, suckin each other's dick in the backseat of a car, at the laundry mat. 
Latin guy: Oh my God, I'm going to cum. 

And cum he did. Five ropes of thick, pearly white, cum....shot out of his uncut dick, hitting him on the stomach, sliding down to his pubes as I continued to jack him and lick his neck. That shit was so hot, I shot my load right after he did. 

We cleaned up, got dressed, and laughed at our nasty little escapade. 

Aaaaaahhhh the laundry mat. It can be so much fun. Especially when you find the right one. 

When I got back inside, I got a text from Al saying "OMG, Clark finally came!  It took him forever and my ass is wrecked."   I told him about the laundry mat situation and he laughed and called me a nasty freak. LOL! It's good to have freaky friends who understand your inner whore. 

What's your laundry mat story? I know you guys have one. 

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